In uncertain times, fashion designers deliver strong messages through their collections, not only with the designs, but also with words. Over the latest collections we saw powerful slogans spelled on garments, adding a plus to them.

Here’s some highlights from the Fall-Winter ’17 fashion shows

“Our minds, our bodies, our power”. Body positivity on the Fall-Winter ’17 runway for Prabal Gurung but not only. The highlights were also on feminists, immigrants, all those categories that are under attack these days.

“Loyalty”. The clothes designed by Donatella Versace for the next Fall-Winter ’17 are clothes that talk, powerfully. The designer reflects on feminist issues, power and freedom.

“Love sees no colour”: that’s the strong statement by Ashish on the Fall-Winter ’17 catwalk. Against any discrimination, the designer created a colorful and glittered collection, full of positive slogans. Spotlight on equality and freedom.

“Make America New York”. Mocking the infamous elected President’s political campaign slogan, Dao-Yi Chow  and Maxwell Osborne designed for Public School a Fall-Winter ’17 collection dedicated to New York with a strong political valence.