When we talk about Seventies in fashion we are considering an anti-fashion decade. Anti-fashion doesn’t mean that that period hasn’t marked a fundamental moment in the fashion history. On the contrary, it was the power of going against a system of rules the strength of the 70’s.

It was a period of big contradictions, between the revolutionary ‘60s and the Wall-Street 80’s, it was the time when subcultures started to influence high fashion.

Coming from a time of revolts, freedom marches, orientalisms, “savage style” as defined by Bruno du Roselle, the Western world was entering a new era. Alongside the rising of subcultures, we witnessed a return to normality, far from the excesses of a multi-faced society.

The role of the women started to change and they entered for the first time the offices, adopting a new way of dressing, inspired by the formal classics but modernized.

Miuccia Prada designed a Fall-Winter 2017 collection that talks about that moment in the history, about feminist movement and all the battles for emancipation.

But the 70’s saw another important phenomenon rising from the suburbs of the big cities, from the gay, black, Latin-American communities: the Disco Music.

Alongside all the shadows of the decade, all the violences, the other side of the coin was cheerful and colorful, made out of feathers and sequins.

Mrs. Prada played with the glamorous side of fashion, preseting the 70’s under another point of view. For Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2017 the designer created a psychedelic and eclectic collection, presented in Paris, with outsized headgears, big furcoats and clothes that are the answear to dark times.