A professional workshop in the field that will take you into the most exclusive events within the fashion world  from catwalks to street style under the guidance of professionals working for international media.



MILAN JUNE 16-20, 2017

How-to: fast shutter speed and large aperture to freeze the movement.
Interaction between photographer and subject in Arthur Elgort‘s style f. 2.0; 1/640; Iso 800

A unique chance to play a key role during the fashion week and to learn how to take fashion, beauty, backstage and street style shots under the direction of a teacher and a tutor, specialised in the field of the chosen workshop.

During the collections, you’ll have plenty of opportunitites to catch models, fashion bloggers and artists who will gather in Milan on those days. At the end of each day the photos will be revised and corrected by a skilled tutor.

You will increase your powers of observation, your ability to spot fashion trends and people. Plus you will learn how to create a connection with your subjects and have the opportunity to be part of SHOWbit team.


workshop fotografico Milano fashion Week

How-to: Large aperture to blurred the background.
f. 1.8; 1/320; Iso 400


Today street fashion is everywhere in the magazines thanks to fashion bloggers who have had a big role in the game. The street style workshop provides a theoretical and practical training under the leadership of some of the most outstanding photographers within the fashion field. For this workshop a Reflex camera is recommended, with high aperture optic, a prime lens (50 or 80 mm) fast lenses (large maximum aperture) and/or a zoom (like a 24-70 mm).

Available places: 10
workshop fotografico Milano fashion Week

How-to: Fast shutter speed to freeze the movement. It is required a deep knowledge about lights and color balance.
f. 4.0; 1/640; Iso 1250


Experience the runway firsthand. The outfits and the accessories, the lights and the emotion of a fashion show. A skilled professional will support you, sharing his knowledge on photographic techniques to make outstanding photos.

It is required a fast autofocus Reflex, wide aperture tele-zoom lens (70-200 or more) and a monopod. A portable flash might be useful.
Available places: 2
(Candidates will be selected after an aptitude interview)
workshop fotografico Milano fashion Week

How-to: Backstage it is fundamental to make gentle, yet firm moves. It is important to have the final result in your mind before shooting and to do a lithing test.
f. 7.1; 1/80; Iso 800


Explore the world behind the scenes of the fashion shows to learn how to catch make-up, hairstyles, first looks and key moments before and during the shows. The workshop will help you to understand the dynamic of a fashion backstage.

For this workshop it’s required a DSLR or Mirrorless with a like of 24-70/2.8 lens or a couple of prime lenses from 24 to 100 mm) and a TTL portable flash with a large diffuser.
Available places: 2
(Candidates will be selected after an aptitude interview)

Photography is our passion and our goal is sharing this passion encouraging you to take high quality photos.

Do not hesitate to request any further information about our workshops.


One day of theoretical training and four days of practical training in the field. It is possible to arrange a shorter workshop when the participants cannot attend the full course.

JUNE 16th 

Theoretical meeting and first check of the equipments.

JUNE 17th-20th

Photo sessions during the collections intercut with reviews with the tutor and theoretical pills according to the participants’ questions and doubts.

JUNE 20th 

In the evening a certificate of attendance will be issued to the participants.


A camera (Reflex or Mirrorless), memory cards and a laptop (if you have one).

workshop fotografico moda

Photo Workshop Milan Fashion Week

13 + 13 =

foto di moda



SHOWbit’s and workshops’ director, being an architect and a journalist, approaches photography by research and planning, before the click, though preserving the freshness and the immediacy of the moment of the shot. 27 years of pioneering the evolutions in fashion weeks photography and video, has been the first to use hi-res digital cameras on catwalks, first to bring custom-made beauty lights in backstage, to propose paper catalogues to editors, and recently interactive paper catalogues, real-time shootings, moving pictures (an hybrid between photos and videos) for backstage and street style. Leading a team of 35 between photographers, videographers, post production experts, all selected from schools and succesfully taught the real-life work, bringing them to become world’s top professionals in their fields.


Graduated from the Ohio Institute of Photography the top of his class, with Top Student of the Year in National Print Competition Honors. Now in his eleventh year on the world backstage tour with Showbit, and eight years backstage Milan during the Supers models era before that, continues through this passionate photographic journey of life, that has brought him elbow to elbow with likes of Karl, Gianni, Kate, Naomi, Eva, Cara, and every other fashion Icon on the Planet.  The stories of glamorous  moments  captured motionless in time, run quickly from his lips for those who follow!


Degree with honors in Philosophy of Knowledge and Communication at the University of Palermo, with a thesis about the biological and anthropological characteristics of the individual in connection with his language and his learning ability. After a short period inside the University, he moved to Milan to attended a two years course in an academy of photography. Since 2010 he works as a freelance photographer, dealing mainly with photojournalism reports focusing on social and health related issues. In 2012 he realized his first book “Bangladesh – Mymensingh”, published by Torri Del Vento Edizioni. He shot fashion catalogues for Fendi and Rochas, among others. Since 2009 he’s been collaborating with Showbit, dealing with Italian and international clients such as Grazia, Panorama, Vogue, GQ taking care of street style and backstage during London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.


Ferruccio was born in Montagnana (Padova) in 1972. After graduating in History from the Ca’Foscari University in Venice, he moved to Milan where he attended a MA in photo report and photojournalism at Kaverdash Academy under the guidance of Sandro Iovine, journalist and photo critic, specializing in sport events report (speedway and motocross), turism, job meetings and local live concerts and publishing his works on newspapers and on-line magazines. From 2010 to 2012 he collaborates with Pianura News, a webtv, handling photojournalism, news stories and interviews to national singers and actors. From 2015 he works also within the fashion industry, collaborating with Showbit and dealing with street style and front row during Milan, London, Paris and New York fashion weeks.


Gianluca was born in Milan in 1975. He lives and works in Brianza, an area in the North-West of Italy. After graduating from Bauer and Kaverdash in Milan, he opened his first photographic studio in his hometown. Working in Monza and Milan in the photo selection of local art and cultural heritage, he is in touch with the local press with whom collaborates in publishing news report. He is responsible for web-marketing and e-commerce strategies at European level. Since 2008 he has been working with Showbit taking photos from the most important runways for international fashion magazines.

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