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An exhibition for all creatives, and in collaboration with MILANO UNICO, Origin is one event you definitely want to check out if you are a new designer! Catering to all niches in textile, leather and jewellery production, this three-day exhibition held in Milan’s Rho Fiera grounds offers merchandise from a wide selection of Italian manufacturers. Looking for trims? Buttons? Jewels? Fabric treatments? Special garment hangers? They’ve got you covered for every detail and step along the production and selling process. Chances are you will come across innovations you did not know existed yet. I even found vendors that offered a complete range of sustainable fashion items, something that appeased my heart more so than the vastly spectacular technological inventions.

Many exhibitors sell only through this annual fair while a fair few also carry them in showrooms throughout the year. I was surprised to find that multiple vendors offered a no minimum purchase, allowing new designers to simply order one or two pieces of a style. A section of the event also showcased emerging designers from around the globe and their unique style in short fashion show segments. Each collection contained about six looks. Talent was the underlying theme of the event. Unbound talent.

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