Everything’s ready for Milan Men’s Fashion Week 13-17 January 2017

Man is back. Menswear is coming back to Milan and everyone is waiting for the new proposals for the next autumn – winter 2017. It is an important and exciting moment of change for the fashion and textile industry that is getting, more and more every year, support and recognition from the Italian government.

The spotlight is on the young and creative talents of Made in Italy, without forgetting to look at foreign designers and companies with the Italian ones are often trying to collaborate with and with whom is interesting to exchange creative opinions and new visions.

For this Milan Men’s fashion week, one of the most awaited and interesting event sees Giorgio Armani, ambassador and uncontested leader of Italian fashion, introducing on the catwalk of his “Armani Teatro” three collections of three brands coming from the Asian continent: Yoshio Kubo (Japan), Moto Guo (Malesia) and Consistence (China).

We’re going to see great debuts on Milan runways. Jeremy Scott is going to present his Moschino menswear collection and womenswear Pre-Fall.  The Belgian designer Cédric Charlier will present his debut collection, unifying menswear and womenswear. Alessandro Dell’Acqua with N°21, Antonio Marras and Ermenegildo Zegna, who is going to open, with his collection, the fashion week on the 13th January in the evening, are coming back to Milan to present their creations.

Today the fusion of men’s and women’s collections seems to be a trend that is responding to the precise demands and desires of the young generation and the latest choices taken by Bottega Veneta and Gucci on merging menswear and womenswear in February, during Women’s fashion week, skipping this round, were expecting to make the interest decrease in the menswear fashion week, in particular from editors and people who work within the fashion industry. That forecast was wrong.

The number of fashion shows has increased, 37 this year, the number of events, presentations and showrooms that are going to gather Italian and international editors and more than 10.000 buyers from all over the world, is very high.

The schedule is really dense and this is a sign of the deep excitement, this season, about the cultural and artistic fervor that is translated into the creations for the next one.

Matteo Bengala