The streets of NY: Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 at New York Fashion Week

Hip-Hop has its roots in The Bronx, New York. The phenomenon began in the 70’s and from there it became more than a music genre. It bacame an independent culture while remaning connected to the history of the city and Marc Jacobs, designer born and raised in New York, paid tribute to it presenting a Fall 2017 collection that is vibrant and young. The inspiration came from a documentary called “Hip Hop Evolution” (2016) and what the designer grabbed from it was the mood of the fashion show and the streetwear-ish look of the outfits.

The fashion show took place in the open air: Jacobs sent the models out on the streets of Park Avenue and the connection with the Hip Hop’s natural environment needs no explanations.

See every look of the collection from New York Fashion Week

Matteo Bengala

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