“No man needs nothing”: Lavin provocative Fall 2017 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

1988. Franco Moschino designed for his Fall – Winter ’88/89 collection a series of t-shirts and on one them we could read “NIENTE” (nothing). It was a white t-shirt and the writing was black, something apparetly banal but actually it wasn’t “nothing”.

2017. Luca Osserdrijver, new creative director for Lanvin, maybe thinking of that, presented a Fall 2017 collection at Paris Men’s Fashion Week that was a real manifesto of what he thinks is going on in fashion today. The designer featured hats, scarves and jackets bearing the word “Nothing”. In a moment when logos, collaborations and decorations seem to be the only things that can appel customers, Osserdrijver wanted to propose a collection focused on proportions, cut and structure. Plus his collection is a meditation on the role of the fashion designer and fashion itself: he thinks that fashion has to bring something new to the world and to the people, to invent something. In the collection we saw cropped sweaters, hooded overcoats and re-shaped suits and jackets.

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Matteo Bengala

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