The line between order and chaos is both very thin and very strictly shaped. Sometimes it takes a puff to detroy the house of cards and a scrawl to give dynamism to a piece of cloth.

Daniela Gregis is a designer who uses her gut. The Fall-Winter 17 collection rises from confused balls of yarn and colofrul patches. There is an attention to details, to Italian craftmanship and to the brand’s values. Most of all the designer wanted to tell a story about women, the women of her family, connecting their stories with all the other women’s ones. Different generations represented with a common code on the catwalk.

Geometrical inspirations for Roberto Musso on his Fall-Winter 17 runway at Milan Fashion Week. A futuristic runway in the artistic connotation: the Unique Edition collection grabbed a lot from art and from the first 15 years of the XX century when artists used to create pieces of clothing with a strong link to their paintings and sculptures like Giacomo Balla in Italy.

Colorful blocks on jackets and skirts, 50’s references for the collars.